Self-taught outsider born (1981) in Southern Italy as the son of two painters – their art studio was the scene of the first freedom moments I experienced in my childhood.

My art practice is based on experimenting unbiasedly through different media, with an interdisciplinary approach. My works result from the reflection on the creative process and art itself as a journey of self-discovery and from the desire to combine in a collage-like way the geographies of my place of origin with those of the places I live in. In this perspective, the exploration of the space through movement, the relation with the body and the tension between shape and colour on the canvas have become basic features of my experiments.

I am currently based in Frankfurt as a member of the shared studios in the Fabrik Roedelheim, with frequent trips to Rome and my home town.

For projects/collaborative opportunities/studio visits, please contact me.

For the latest work, news and updates, please check my Instagram.


31 October-4 November 2018 “Come Bio Comanda” – collective exhibition curated by Agnese Lovecchio and Luca Ricci at PARATISSIMA Art Fair (Turin)

8-14 July 2017 “VULNERABILIA” – performance and video installation with Vera Bourgeois at Das KloHäuschen (München)

24-25 June 2017 COINCIDE Group exhibition at DIE FABRIK ROEDELHEIM (Frankfurt am Main)

September 2016 Frankfurt am Main DIE FABRIK ROEDELHEIM group exhibition

August 2014 Casello 13 Stazione di Copertino SOLO[UN]EXHIBITION solo show curated by Estemporaneo Collettivo

July 2014 Palazzo Vernazza Lecce SALENTO BIENNALE collective exhibition

July 2014 Central Saint Martins London Summer Study Abroad Programme FINAL SHOW

July 2013 Rome SELF-PORTRAITS solo show hosted by Luigi Borbone

January 2013 Spazio Arte MakeMake Rome SELF-PORTRAITS solo show

November 2011 Rising Love Rome THROUGH colours texture skin experiments by Emanuele Gatto and Francesca Iaconisi

May 2011 Degli Zingari Gallery Rome TOUCH collective exhibition.