Performance and installation

“I started preparing this performance a week ago by kneading earth, water, flour and sometimes yeast. I worked with a material that I felt was alive. I watched this dough grow, rise and change inside my studio, which I experienced as if it were my home. A house stripped bare, empty.


Progressively the dough of flour and earth occupied the space. The movements and contact with these organic elements gave it identity, through a transmission process nourished by remote memory. The manual dexterity of the domestic activities typical of agricultural tradition (the home and collective production of bread, wine, textiles), becomes ritual gestures inherent in the body.


The doughs surround the body, which moves on them and with them. The doughs are alive, exploring the body and its limits. The dough is everywhere. The body is everywhere. It is constrained within the enclosure of a structure that contains it, making it feel the warmth of home. A safe space, as is often said, which gives freedom. 


The body moves protected by a rigid headgear, a helmet and a scarf, with which it feels like a mother. ‘Mother yeast’ is what we call in Italian the natural sourdough left to ferment spontaneously. The bare earth welcomes it and embraces it.



The body leavens. The body is queer. The earth is mother. On its resources it thrives. And meanwhile I hear a voice saying: there is dough everywhere. Where do I sit?”